An Amazing Story of Survival

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1 lester tenney 1 An Amazing Story of Survival

Lester Tenny is 91. When he was 21 he and thousands of Americans and Filipino allies were surrendered to enemy forces on the Philippines. He managed to survive the Bataan Death March. Many didn’t. What helped get Mr. Tenney through this hell on earth? 1 lester tenney 3 An Amazing Story of Survival

“General King told us, ‘I want you all to remember — you didn’t surrender. Instead, you were surrendered,'” Tenney said. The men may have taken some pride in that, but they were able to take little else into captivity. Historians estimate that 76,000 prisoners started on the Bataan Death March. By the time the last man staggered to their destination, a prison camp roughly 80 miles away, they had left behind as many as 11,000 dead. Here’s the rest of this amazing story.

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