From Jerry: Exciting Panther Pictures And Book News! Guys-“My Personal Panther” Has Been Accepted On Amazon!

panther1 From Jerry: Exciting Panther Pictures And Book News! Guys My Personal Panther Has Been Accepted On Amazon!
Exciting Panther pictures and book news! Guys – “My Personal Panther” has been accepted on Amazon! Yesss! You can get it there right now.
Also- we’ve put about 300 pix on our site from the “Tea And Panther Party” and the Warwick’s Book Premiere event. Go to to check them out. We’ll post a video of the “T&PP” in the next couple days.
Thank you once again for your love. Jerry, Lucy and Aja

  • Paulita

    Hi, I am the mommy, but my little princess is very much in to storys, When I heard the story on your show (96.5) I just loved it, very creative , funny…I just looked it up and I can see that my daughter and I missed out on all the fun..!…But is there anything else going on, when promoting the book, or is it all over….Hope not…I did see that I can get on amazon..?? perfect ! I would of loved for the talented writer to sing the book. Well all the luck in the world and congrats..! Can’t wait when she gets it…Best Regards, Lizz.

    • Paulita

      OMG my spelliing (dyslexia, finger error etc)…sorry…bilingual and in a rush..

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