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It’s so cool to know that you could change your life for the better in a relatively short period of time.  You really can and I am living proof no matter how down you may feel or if you’re feeling you can’t get out of your hole, you actually can, if you truly want to and  you don’t give up!

You probably are thinking I must be talking about my weight, but I am not.  Losing the weight came at the same time I was also going through other changes in my life for the better.  The weight loss and the gift I got from Medifast has been a bonus to what truly has been happening in my life.

I am a dad!  I’m nothing else other than that!

I can’t wait for Father’s Day because my family has so much to celebrate.  My children both live with me. Being a single dad, that’s kind of not the norm.  Statistics show that the dad usually gets the short end of the stick and I actually did for so long, but that was yesterday.

I’m a single dad that got full 100% custody of my children because I am living a healthy positive life.  AND?  I am so very proud of that.

For so long, I watched and observed other people just rip me apart and I knew it was just a matter of time karma would snap back at them and if I stayed true to myself and my kids, time will overcome it all and people would see truth, the real truth and all the negative people that have come through my life will crawl back in their hole.

Today, I live only for my children.  They know it and they love it.

Life feels good right now and it’s been a long road to get there, but I’ve been waiting for this era in my life for a very long time.

I got healthy and it’s not just a weight thing.

Losing 90 pounds and 36 inches is also something to celebrate. I can’t thank Medifast enough for that “kick start”.

But getting healthy is more than just losing pounds.  I am proud to be working on 5 years of being clean.  I am proud that I am working on 25 years with Jeff and Jer.  I am proud I am the primary parent.  I am proud I still have my mom in my heart.  I am proud that I get asked to host or emcee events that are about the community or kids.

I have no grudges against anyone in my life right now and I have no negativity in my soul.

2 years ago, I was staring at the ceiling in bed and out of work and not on the air and running out of cash very fast.  Today, I am out of that hole and moving forward and made all the adjustments in my life to make it work.

There is light at the end of the tunnel no matter what you are going through.  If you need to lose a few pounds, then you can do it, if you truly want to.  If you are out of work and you feel you can not breath, you can get out of it, if you truly want to and you just make those adjustments in your life.

But the best thing to know if you are someone in a divorce or if you are recently split up and you are going through that every other weekend and split the holiday routine with the kids, those days will fade away from your life and it will be a distant memory if you just make it about the kids.  I had people in my life during that time that just made it about themselves and the ugliness of it all snapped right back at them and they don’t know what hit them.

I got healthy and I am proud of it!

How do ya like them apples now!?

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