Emily’s Blog: Erykah Badu Showed Up At Reed’s Summer Camp And Some Me Stuff!

Big weekend at our house. Below is Reed showing Robert how to really get in there while cleaning the toilet. YUCK.

I am not an easily grossed out chick…at all…but I told Robert when we met, I’ll clean pond scum, poop, kitchen floors ANYTHING else, but I don’t do bathrooms! I even clean the rat cages.

Speaking of the rat cages, this isn’t a joke, does anyone want our two rats? We’ve had them for over a year and they are adorable and sweet. I just can’t keep up with the cleaning. Lemme know 🙂  emily@kyxy.com

worldbeat2 Emilys Blog: Erykah Badu Showed Up At Reeds Summer Camp And Some Me Stuff!

So, we found out about a GEM!!! It’s such a great, unique summer camp, that still has room, I believe. It’s at the World Beat Center in Balboa Park. We found out about it Friday from a friend and then on Monday, Reed started! It’s awesome!

There’s dancing, drums, stories, art, poetry, theater, and a few local field trips, nothing fancy, just a good experience for kids. And man, in my opinion, what this world needs, DESPERATELY, is love and understanding of ALL PEOPLE.

It is scary, the way we are going back in time. Anyhow, this camp was wonderful and only $100 for the week. Guess what else?! Erykah Badu showed up on the last day to tell the kids stories!!?! Go to THIS LINK if you want to check it out! There’s still camp next week and the following.

world beat Emilys Blog: Erykah Badu Showed Up At Reeds Summer Camp And Some Me Stuff!

world beat1 Emilys Blog: Erykah Badu Showed Up At Reeds Summer Camp And Some Me Stuff!

Below is a selfie of me as I’m writing this today. (PS I never do selfies, I just feel weird doing them) I am finally feeling better.

On Saturday morning, I woke up with a gnarly fever and it stayed until Tuesday! I went to the ER, just to be safe because I was vomiting too…sore throat and body aches as well. I heard it’s going around.  After sleep, water, Cephlexan (<-sp?) and nausea medication. I’m feeling a little more back to life. Dang, that beats you up! And wow…to have a busy 6-year-old home alone with you…holy balls. Oh well, if a silly flu is my worst sickness then I need to shut up 🙂

Well, I really do hope you are having a good day. Hope life is treating you fairly and with love. I hope you know that you are loved. And hey, you should give someone a compliment today…it always makes someone feel good. You never know what shitty thing may be going on in someones life, and you saying, “you have a nice smile” or “cute dress!” may give them something extra.

Lots of love always, Emily    *Follow me on Instagram @emily_kyxy

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