Laura’s Diary: Melancholy But Grateful…

Dear Diary,

I feel like I’ve been underwater for the last two and a half weeks.  That friggin hernia surgery was so bad!  It was painful and uncomfortable.  I had a drain coming out of my down-below region and poor poor Onofrio was the one who had to deal with it.  I won’t go into specifics.  I’ll spare you the gory details.  Just suffice it to say that Onofrio did more than any man should ever have to do.  I awarded him World’s Best Nurse.  He was amazing.  I had to take pain medication, which is not on my sobriety plan, but I had no choice.  But, in cases like surgery, it doesn’t break your sobriety when you have to take pain meds.  Thank goodness.   It was so cute how Onofrio kept meticulous notes on when I took the medication and how much.   He kept it for me just to be safe.

I’m off the bad stuff now and I feel gross. It takes a few days to feel better after putting that poison in your body.   I never want to take that stuff again.  Hopefully this situation won’t flare up in the future.

I went out with Mel on Sunday night.  It was the first time that I put on makeup and a cute outfit.  I haven’t felt cute in many days.   I have puffy lower stomach and stitches so I had to wear something loose.  Supposedly, it’ll be all better in three more weeks.   Mel is leaving for Los Angeles to start a new life up there.  I’m sure going to miss her energy and friendship.  She’s one of my favorite people.   Here we are in front of George’s By The Cove.

img 2031 Lauras Diary: Melancholy But Grateful...


Oh btw, I’m gonna beat up Tommy for telling people that I got a boob job!  I’ve received lots of looks and comments about it.  If you see me, you’ll notice that I got the worst boob job in history because my chest looks the same!  That Lil Tommy…I was this-close to coming into work with a giant padded bra or a bandage on my nose.  haha.  I should have done that.

On a completely different note,  we went to see a movie with Jerry and Pam this weekend.  It was Blair Witch 2.  We took blankets with us because we all saw the first one together like 15 years ago and we did the same thing.  It was intense.  Jerry, Erik and I loved it.  Onofrio thought it was dumb and so did Pam.  haha.  Here’s all of us huddled together.  The reason I’m sitting next to Erik and Jerry is because we were the most excited about it and wanted to sit together.  Onofrio was cool with it.  Look at his face.  haha.  He’s not amused.  I love it.

img 2014 Lauras Diary: Melancholy But Grateful...

On yet another note, my baby boy is going to get his Driver’s License next month and I’m freaking out.  It makes me so sad because I know he’ll be gone so much more.  He’s going to be like a rare butterfly.  When he lands  at home it is going to be so sweet and so special.  I don’t like my kids growing up.  I don’t like it at all.  I want it to stop.  Evan is 12 now and she’s still my little lady.  She’s not into boys but she’s not into her American Girl dolls anymore either.  Sad face.

Sorry this diary was a bit melancholy.  I’m just not feeling 100% yet.  I am grateful for many many things in life:  the health of my kids and my family, my incredible job, my amazing boyfriend and my wonderful friends.  That’s a good way to end this.  So I will be in a state of gratefulness today, I’ve decided.

See you later, Diary.

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