Terra Jolé Talks DWTS with Jeff and the Showgram

If you’ve been following Dancing with the Stars than you know that Terra Jolé from Little Women L.A. is smashing it week after week on that stage.

Competition this season is fierce — Ryan Lochte, Amber Rose, Maureen McCormick — everybody dumping their guts out on the dance floor, but Jolé is the one who impresses us week after week. Laura, especially, is convinced that Jolé has the coveted mirror ball in her grasp.

We had Jole on Jeff and the Showgram this morning talking to us about pre-show fears, post-baby dancing and what we can expect in the upcoming competition — Pyrotechnics!

Laura: You are the first one, I think, who really has a chance to bring home the mirror ball

Terra: I honestly am, like, really proud of my journey so far. And when I lose, as long as I’m improving every week, I feel like I’m accomplishing what I came to do on Dancing [with the Stars]

Laura: Tell me about the call that you got, when you realized you were going to be on the show. How scared were you?

Terra: I was petrified, honestly, because, initially we were going to start rehearsal three weeks after I had my C-section, my baby, so…

Laura: What?!

Terra: Exactly. So, this whole experience was very scary for me because I had to get a Doctor’s approval -I mean, you’re not supposed to do any kind of physical activity until 6 weeks after, and ummm… I can’t even take a bath until 6 weeks after having a baby – So, I mean, I was scared. And not just because of having a child, but also, you know, you don’t know what the expectation is, being little, and how it’s going to look, and how America is going to feel like you look, and it’s… I had so many emotions going through my head in the beginning.

Jeff: How ready are you for Monday by this point in the week? 

Terra: Crying and going into the fetal position to bed.

Laura: Oh no! What are you doing this week? What dance are you doing Monday?

Terra: On Monday it is a cirque [Cirque du Soleil] show. So, every competitor will be competing to a song on one of the Cirque’s shows. And we got, ‘O,’ which is a really exciting. And I was scared because I was like, O is water, you know, I’m sure that Ryan [Lochte] should be doing ‘O’ and of course – ta-da!- he is.

o by cirque du soleil Terra Jolé Talks DWTS with Jeff and the Showgram

(Cirque du Soleil ‘O’)

But we are incorporating the element of fire, which is very exciting. Our dance is Samba and right now Samba is scary.

Laura: Samba is sexy, hu?

Terra: Samba is like the fastest – I thought Jive was fast and then I met Samba.

Laura: So, do you practice with the water and the fire and all that kind of stuff, the pyrotechnics? 

Terra: No. That’s another scary part about it because we’re not going to be practicing with any of the elements until Monday. So, when we’re doing the rehearsal, we have the elements, but until then, we have to pretend like we have the elements.

Laura: Hav you been fitted with your outfit yet?

Terra:  No. It is… Dancing with the Stars is insane. They have the most amazing costume team and today will be my first fitting. I mean, considering what the outfits look like by Monday, and TODAY is usually their first fitting, it is really incredible how fast and how meticulous they are about every single outfit.

Jeff: I ask everybody we interview from Dancing with the Stars the same question and here it comes to you: Why is it such a huge life experience? 

Terra: Going into this, I really didn’t think that it was. I thought that it might be something I wanted to show everyone that, you know, little people are able to do this, just like an average sized person would be able to, or just to kind of eliminate that whole “disability” side of it, and, Honestly, it’s really  made me grow, emotionally and mentally and physically.

I feel like I’m becoming a better person because of this experience. Something as simple as connecting to a song looks so easy, sitting on my couch watching Dancing with the Stars, and then, when you’re in it, it’s a totally different transition and digging deep into — I mean, it sounds cheesy — but digging deep in your soul and really finding out what that movement means to you is more complex than I ever expected. And it definitely, I mean, I’ll forever say that this experience has changed my life.



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