Laura’s Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

Dear Diary,

Evan said something to me that shocked me.  She told me that she can’t wait to move into Onofrio’s house because “it’s so cool!”and she can “ride bikes around the neighborhood.” He is not moving into that house until this time next year because it’s being renovated and someone lives in it right now. She loves driving by it, too. This is coming from a little girl who was so against me being with him in the beginning.  She actually cried when she realized it was getting serious. Then, one day, out of the blue, she texted him “Hey, it’s Evan. This is my new phone so I thought you should have my number. Have a good day.” She must have snuck his number out of my phone. It took her awhile but she has done a complete 180. I guess she realizes that I can still be an attentive, loving momma even though I have a boyfriend…who happens to be the best boyfriend EVER.

Speaking of Evan, here she is with her BFF at The Handlery this weekend. I love this picture. This sums up Evan perfectly.

evandmaddie Lauras Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

And Charlie…oh my sweet little baby, Charlie, is now 16, 6’3 and a half, and the coolest kid I could ever ask for. He takes his Driver’s License test on the 20th. I can’t even…

charlie2 Lauras Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

This is his homecoming picture. How did he grow up so fast? I don’t like it. I keep telling my kids to stop growing, and they won’t listen to me.

My high school reunion was this month. I was dreading it at first because I didn’t feel cute enough to compete with the other women. Just being honest. But, because my BFF Stacey flew all the way out from Washington, we had to go face our classmates. This was us the first night. We were so pooped out from the Friday afternoon LA traffic that we bailed on the first event, which was bowling.

reunion7 Lauras Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

reunion6 Lauras Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

Here’s Stacey, my BFF, the next day after we got all dolled up.

reunion51 Lauras Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

Stacey, Colleen and I grew up together since kindergarten!!!

reunion Lauras Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

This was my Jr. and Sr. Prom date, Chris Schrobilgen.  He’s an American Airline pilot now.  All in all, it was a great experience and I’m glad we pushed each other to go for it.

Last week, Onofrio and I were supposed to go to Sia, but he didn’t feel up to it seeing as his dear mother  passed away just a week before. So Erik and I went instead.  The concert was insanely good – So weird and so unique. She stood on a box in the corner the whole time while her cool dancers took the foreground and performed all sorts of bizarre movements. Maddie Ziegler stole the show. That little girl is amazeballs.

sia1 Lauras Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

I have so much to tell you about Onofrio and me, but I will write another diary soon to tell you all about it. I just want to give this last bit of my diary to Onofrio’s mom, Josephine Pecoraro. I wish I knew her back in the day. She sounded like the world’s greatest mom. She was strong and funny and Onofrio doesn’t stop talking about her. In her honor, they did a chalk drawing of her in Little Italy this weekend.

chalk3 Lauras Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

See you very soon, Diary.



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