Emily’s Blog: #MoveHalloween, My Crazy Evenings, And Cooking!

Hello there 🙂

I hope you all had a really great week and Halloween. I would first like to start by saying how GROSS Halloween on a Monday is/was.

I would like to start a movement, if you all are down, to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October. We could use the hashtag #MoveHalloween. You think it would catch on?

I mean, having a 6 year old during Halloween time is crazy enough…then add on going to school in costumes on a Monday, a carnival, and trick-or-treating that night – late- a candy high and boom…you’re all supposed to set alarms and go to school and behave?  Um, no.

Speaking of having crazy times with kids, my life with mine has been extra tricky lately.

I’ve talked to you guys before about my difficulties with my ADHD child, and have received so many loving notes from some of you about your own struggles dealing with children with behavior disorders, and it is so comforting.

Honestly, knowing you aren’t alone, and that your own beautiful child isn’t that abnormal, it’s just nice to know.  Lately, more than ever before, Reed has been flat out defiant — To everything.

Every single thing we ask him to do, he challenges. That is just straight-up draining, emotionally and physically.

It’s more draining because of the fact we don’t let him win. It’s easier to cave. It also takes energy out of your relationship with your significant other, and out of all you do. It’s for sure a tester on your relationship. Lucky for Robert and I, we are still supporting each other, with lots of fiery fights in between.

I am a Scorpio and he is a Gemini, after all. Man, do we love and “can’t stand each other” at the same time. (I’m sure you all know what I mean 🙂

Thanks for letting me vent.  It feels good.  If you ever need someone to talk to in return…I’m always here.

And finally, I am not just saying this, come to Grossmont Center this Sunday.  It is SUCH a cool event. It’s super fancy and professional-Food-Network-looking! It’s our Flavors of Fall Cooking Demo. There are, like 7 different chefs that all get up and do a quick cooking demo (like a cooking show) and then give you hefty samples!!!

It is seriously legit! Lots of ideas for funky fun holiday dishes. It’s from 11-2.  And like, you WILL BE full. 🙂  Let’s be friends on Instagram: @emily_kyxy_radio

Here are some pics from Halloween.  I mean #movehalloween  🙂

Here’s my Mermaid make-up from a Pinterest idea!

img 1516 Emilys Blog: #MoveHalloween, My Crazy Evenings, And Cooking!

Reed was an Army guy. I have little doubt that he will serve our country one day.

img 1522 Emilys Blog: #MoveHalloween, My Crazy Evenings, And Cooking!

Take care and have a great weekend.  Hopefully I’ll see you at Grossmont on Sunday!

xo Em


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