Laura’s Diary: Onofrio DON’T READ THIS…

Dear Diary,

In exactly one week Onofrio and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary.   It feels like we just started dating and it also feels like we’ve been dating for years at the same time.  It’s weird.   So what do you get a man like Onofrio for an anniversary gift? He’s the best man I’ve ever known, aside from my daddy.  He’s a lot like my dad, actually.  My dad adored my mom.  He would pick flowers out of the neighbors prized garden every day just to see her smile.  And yes, he did get caught once.  I digress…

Onofrio is the most giving, loving, true, manly, protective, wonderful, sexy, amazing man in the world to me.  So what do I give someone like that?  I was thinking about dressing up as a sexy jockey (I have the costume already) and taking some pics at Bad Kitty Photography, but then I thought that would be a better birthday present or perhaps Valentine’s present.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get that done in a week.   So instead,  I am making him a scrapbook of our year together.  I’ve never scrapbooked before.  It’s very time consuming and messy, but it’s been fun.  I’m only halfway done, so I need to hustle to get it ready by the weekend.  That’s when we will celebrate.  I just finished the pages from our New York trip in April.  I bought all these cute stickers and things from Michael’s.  I hope he loves it.  It comes from my heart so I’m sure he will.  That’s the kind of thing I can give him…loving gifts from my heart.

I have other things planned for dear Onofrio in the future but I’ll have to tell you about those things later.  You see why soon.

So here are some pictures from Halloween.  I was Amelia Earhart and he was


halloween4 Lauras Diary: Onofrio DONT READ THIS...

This was at Jeff’s party.  We had so much fun!

halloween Lauras Diary: Onofrio DONT READ THIS...

I went trick or treating on Monday night in Mission Hills with my babies.  One of them is not so much a baby anymore.  He’ll be 17 in January.  That’s probably why he wasn’t motivated to get dressed up on a Monday night.  My little lady was Alexander Hamilton.  That kid knows every word to every song on the Hamilton soundtrack.  It’s pretty impressive.

halloween3 Lauras Diary: Onofrio DONT READ THIS...halloween2 Lauras Diary: Onofrio DONT READ THIS...

Speaking of my sweet Evan Elisabeth, here’s poem she wrote on our way to Grandma Mary’s house this weekend.  I just love it.

poem Lauras Diary: Onofrio DONT READ THIS...

Oh, I have to show you something so spooky.  My sister and brother-in-law have something strange going on in their house.  She showed me some pictures and videos or orbs floating and shooting through the rooms of her house.  It’s nuts.  They’ve also seen faces in the ceiling, too.  I’m not kidding.  Here are some recent pics she captured.

orb Lauras Diary: Onofrio DONT READ THIS...orb1 Lauras Diary: Onofrio DONT READ THIS...

I wanna show you one more fun thing.  Onofrio rented a Ferrari for his dad in hopes of lifting his spirits since his wife passed a month ago.  Well, his dad had a blast driving it around town.  And so did I!  He actually let me take the wheel and it was insanely fun.

ferarri Lauras Diary: Onofrio DONT READ THIS...

I’ll let you know about our big anniversary celebration next week, Diary.

See you soon!



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