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Medifast Blog -How Little Tommy Survives Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m very proud to be celebrating 5 years on the Medifast Centers Program.  At this very moment, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I feel great.

Recently, I got a tune up with the Medifast program and I’ve lost an additional 20 pounds, purposely, right before the holidays started.

I started my New Year’s Resolution early which got me in the right frame of mind at a critical time of year.

For someone who has struggled with my weight when I got older, Thanksgiving is a time to be very careful, because I get invited to many parties and family gatherings.  It can take one meal to set me back in a tailspin where there’s no looking back and fall deeper and deeper into the wrong way of thinking.

BUT, with help from Samantha, my Medifast Centers counselor in San Marcos,  I am in the right frame of mind and I can go to the family parties on Thanksgiving and I know what to do and more importantly, I WANT TO EAT RIGHT. You have to want it.  I want this bad.  Thank you to Sam my counselor for giving me the best gift of all and that’s being in the right frame of mind, right before Thanksgiving.

I’m going to lose another 10 pounds before 2017 comes.

Originally, I lost 90 pounds.  I lost it at this exact time of year 5 years ago.   You can eat right and enjoy Thanksgiving and LOSE WEIGHT.   I am living proof.

The best thing about all this, is that I am healthy.  Due to weight loss, you can get healthy.  The way I lost the weight was with the Medifast Weight Control Centers.

I am healthy and feeling good and we have 6 more weeks left in the year and I’m smiling because I’m ahead of schedule.

With it being Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for.   My family comes first.  BUT, in order to be there for my family and make them my top priority, I had to lose that weight.  I want to be around for my children and hopefully one day my grandchildren.

This Thursday night, I’m going to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.  As part of the Jeff and Jer Showgram, I will be the first on air producer to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  I am proud of that.   My kids will be with me that night.  I am going to be introduced and I’ll be walking on stage and you can bet on it,  that I will be very emotional, but because of the Medifast Centers, I will be looking great and I will feel confident.

I am thankful to the Medifast Weight Control Centers here in San Diego!

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