Billy Bob Thornton Gets Real with Jeff and the Showgram!

Did you know that Billy Bob Thornton used to live in San Diego?

“The first time I tried to seek my fame and fortune I was going to go to Los Angeles, but I was too afraid to go to L.A., so I went to San Diego instead. I thought, ‘I’ll just go to San Diego and kind of inch my way up to L.A.’ So, I lived in Lakeside,” he told Jeff and the Showgram this morning when he came on to promote Bad Santa 2. 

Stop and imagine Billy Bob Thornton living in Lakeside for a minute. Actually, it’s not that far fetched. Thornton’s not the jet setting, movie star type. That stuff is for those action guys that make $21 million a flick, he says. He’s always been a Monsters Ball, Slingblade kind of actor. Which we take to mean, a little bit serious, kind of quirky — the really, really good kind, except for when it comes to Bad Santa. 

“I have two cars, one house, and we live here in L.A., up in the woods” most of his clothes are from movie sets, Thornton confesses, “I think growing up poor, the way I did, I kind of hold back with money.” he said.

The anti-sentimental holiday movie Bad Santa 2 hits theaters November 23, right before Thanksgiving.

To hear the complete Billy Bob Thornton interview, including what his typical day consists of (watching sports) and what he thinks about his young co-star, (who has disconcertingly grown chest hair in the years between movies) listen to the podcast and watch the full  movie trailer below.

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