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Laura’s Diary: WHAT IS IT??????

Dear Diary,

What the heck do I get Onofrio for Christmas? Seriously.

He’s the kind of guy that appreciates thoughtful, creative gifts. I don’t have the energy to think up a creative, thoughtful gift right now! haha. He has some huge thing planned for me when we go to New York. All he will tell me is this: It can only happen in New York, only one person knows, and I’ve never heard of this person, and my dad would love it.

He says it will happen sometime between the afternoon and the evening on any of the nights that we’re there. We are going on December 7 and we will be there until the 11th. He also says it will be magical and I will think that he’s nuts. WHAT THE HECK IS IT? We are already going to see Hamilton, Jimmy Fallon and A Bronx Tale. We are also going on a night time helicopter ride over the city and ice skating at Rockefeller Center. As if that weren’t enough already!!!! I’m living the life of Pretty Woman — without the hooker part of it.

We just celebrated our first year anniversary. It was just great. We spent the weekend at The Grand Del Mar and it was awesome. The weather was perfect! The dinner was perfect — but I almost threw up on the way home. Don’t ask me why. Onofrio had to pull over. I managed to keep it down because I just can’t deal with doing that. I can’t even talk about it. Anyway, back to the fun part.  Here are some pictures.

anniversary Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????anniversary1 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????anniversary2 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????img 2748 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????

Yesterday was Onofrio’s birthday. I had a surprise birthday party for him on the 18th at The Godfather Restaurant. And yes, he was surprised! I actually pulled it off. Here are some pictures of that night. I hate my hair in all these pics, btw.

party Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????party2 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????party3 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????img 2911 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????

img 2917 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????img 2893 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????img 2919 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????img 2920 Lauras Diary: WHAT IS IT??????

So, we have started talking about living together someday.  He’s remodeling a house he bought in Mission Hills this coming May. I bet it will take at least 7 months, because of all the things he’s doing to it. But when we talk about the house, he says WE will have this big of a closet and WE will be cooking in the new kitchen. Stuff like that. But, he knows that I won’t live with him until we are married. I’m not putting pressure on him. I’m just not into living with someone until I’m married again. He has told me that if an engagement happens I will never know when it’s going to hit me. That guy is so full of surprises. Thank goodness. I love surprises.

There is one big stress in my life right now. Stocking stuffers. I can’t even tell you how much this is affecting my life. What do you stuff inside a 12 and 16-year old’s stocking? I don’t want to do one of the dollar stores because it’s a bunch of stuff they won’t use. I don’t want to stuff the stockings with a bunch of candy because the stockings I just ordered them are huge — Too much junk. I’ve ordered some weird stuff online and I’m already up to $30 bucks a stocking, and they aren’t even a quarter of the way filled. Oh my life is so hellish right now. NOT!

I am more grateful than ever for the health of my kids, my sobriety, my mom and her health, my sister and brother and brother-in-law, and niece, and nephew, and my job. I am really thankful I get to do what I love every morning.  It’s special and I never once take it for granted. I will check back with you after the New York trip.  I’m sure I’ll have one heck of a story!

See you then, Diary.

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