Emily’s Blog: My Week…Some Fun Parts And, For Sure, Some Tricky Parts.

Well, I think I will start off the with fun.  My mom watches Reed every Sunday for the night and takes him to school on Mondays — BIGGEST blessing ever.

It’s so nice and important to have that time with Robert. So, since Monday was a holiday, Robert and I decided to splurge and we got a hotel room in Ocean Beach (my hood I grew up in!)

We stayed at the OB Hotel, which is at the foot of Newport. Best view ever.

It was so fun sitting on the balcony people watching. There’s none of that there, right? Ha! People watching heaven! Once we checked in, we went to Wonderland. So fun! On the weekend they do $10 bottles of Champagne! Yippee!

img 2543 Emilys Blog: My Week...Some Fun Parts And, For Sure, Some Tricky Parts. img 2541 Emilys Blog: My Week...Some Fun Parts And, For Sure, Some Tricky Parts.

Then, back to reality on Monday.

I love being able to chat with you guys like this, and on the air about the fun times, but also the tough times. I love when I get an email from one of you sharing parenting advice. I need it and respect it so much.

Here’s something from me to you. I thought up this game at 3 a.m., in the middle of the night, as I was stewing on more stimulating games to play with Reed. It’s the game of Memory, but you use items from your house and the game board is the floor with cups to cover!

You send your little one to find pairs of small things around the house (I used things like earrings, coins, screws, bottle caps, wine corks…there’s lots of those if you’re a momma, right?! 🙂 Anyway, you play it just like Memory 🙂  Here’s what ours looked like:

img 2501 Emilys Blog: My Week...Some Fun Parts And, For Sure, Some Tricky Parts.

Speaking of Reed, things have been even more tough lately – The mood swings and very emotionally charged responses to anything sudden have been stronger than ever: Dropping his crackers on the floor = a full on screaming and kicking melt down. It’s so tough.

Another new thing has been these neck twitches. He keeps throwing his head back really quick. We went to the doctor and she said she wasn’t worried at all about Tourettes. She thought it was a tic, possibly due to the meds. Have any of you experienced this?

I just want my baby happy and healthy. Damn it hurts my heart horribly. I do, though, know that we’re blessed. This is our situation and not anything worse.

On a happy note, two things happened yesterday. One: Reed’s AMAZING school took a field trip to the World Beat Center. It was so fabulous.

They are studying Africa in school right now. Reed’s school is magical. If you’re unsure about traditional school or your child doesn’t like school, email me about his school. During our current national situation being able to be a part of such a diverse, artistic and empathetic community really gives me purpose and hope. They learned African dance and drumming.

img 2570 Emilys Blog: My Week...Some Fun Parts And, For Sure, Some Tricky Parts.

And finally, I like to end with a food thing and this is also the second thing from yesterday. It was also teacher appreciation potluck for the teachers. I made these Caprese sandwiches. They were SO DANG GOOD. OMG. I grilled the ciabatta and did pesto spread, tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and a little fresh basil. DO this!

img 2569 Emilys Blog: My Week...Some Fun Parts And, For Sure, Some Tricky Parts.

That’s a little bit from me. If you made it this far through this post, thank you 🙂  It’s nice to know that you’re there. I feel like, in this time, we are all here together — IN this thing of life together, For each other. Maybe This Is Us is rubbing off on me 🙂

So much love,  Emily


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