Little Tommy’s Blog: Looking at Photos Before Medifast

I can finally look at the old BEFORE photo that Medifast California has on their website under success stories. I am so proud to see my photo and story on their website.   Check it out:

Just over 5 years ago, I started on the Medifast California program and it’s so cool that 5 years later, that I have kept my weight off.

I can finally look at old photos.  There was a time when I wouldn’t look at photos.  I recall telling Medifast California to please NOT post my old photos, but now I am cool with it, because that’s NOT ME anymore.

tommy medifast1 Little Tommys Blog: Looking at Photos Before Medifast

When I look at the old photos, I do recall that I was LOST in knowing how to lose weight and I would HIDE, but because of the program and the counselors at Medifast California, I can finally look and I am not ashamed of the old way I used to look.

Being overweight is very very hard because people do talk behind your back and you get stares and people joke about you. I’m on a morning radio show and people used to joke about my weight on the air.  It hurt, but at the time, I would laugh along with them.

Then, I finally did something about it.    I lost the weight and 5 years later, I’m considered a SUCCESS STORY with Medifast California.

Go to their website and see and hear for yourself from people just like me.   I did it and it feels great.  I did it and I am so happy.

If you’re struggling with your weight and nothing seems to be working for you, please go to the website and then call Medifast California.  Tell them, I told you to call.

To all those people that used to talk behind my back, WELL LOOK AT ME NOW!

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