Tommy’s Blog: Look Up, We Aren’t Paying Attention

Well, 24 hours later, the accounting firm that was responsible for the Oscar envelopes apologized and said the guy with the envelopes was TWEETING instead of paying attention to what was happening.  

It made me think of LIFE and how many people, including myself, LOOK DOWN at our phones and are missing the world right in front of us. Many of us are not paying attention.


I know it would be so cool of me to say I’m not someone who does this, BUT I AM. I know I am not the only one, and I know I need to stop.


I go to a restaurant and there are families sitting together, staring at their phones. YES, my family too. I go to a grocery story and everyone in line is looking at their phone.


We are missing the beautiful things that are happening right in front of us. We are not paying attention.


That  accountant that messed up, probably just took a cool selfie, and didn’t pay attention, and then TWEETED THE PHOTO as Warren Beatty walked away with the wrong envelope.


So, this quick little blog is calling out many people, INCLUDING ME.


We need to put our phones down and LOOK UP.

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