Laura’s Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

Dear Diary,

This is a big month for me. I will be 10-years-sober in six days!  March 7, 2007, it all went down…I hit my bottom and started climbing back up. Wow. I really can’t believe it’s been so long.

I am kind of freaking out because I’m telling my story at my Monday night meeting next week. I get nervous speaking in front of people. And, the material is so personal, it scares me that much more. But I’m going to do it, and speak from the heart. That’s all I can do. As my sponsor would tell me “Take God into the meeting with you.” Good advice.

I’m actually working with a speach coach, his name is Milo. We’ve met two times already to go over my material. I actually wrote it out because I wanted to get the story right.  The last time I told it, I felt that it was all over the place.

We are supposed to talk about what it was like, what happened and what it’s like today. I met with Milo one more time, on Thursday. Maybe I’m going overboard with this whole thing. I just want to do it right, the day before my 10-year sober birthday.

Charlie and I had quite an adventures last month. We went on a college tour of University of Oregon first, which was great. It wasn’t even raining! Here are some photos:

collage1 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)college4 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

Jeff’s daughter and her boyfriend, Jonathon, met us at the Ducks store and took us around Eugene. It was so cool hanging out with her. I love that our kids liked each other. They really did.

college2 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

OMG! Their stadium is ten times better than Qualcomm! It’s truly amazing.

After the big college tour, which Charlie loved because the tour leader said he just took a class in long bow making, we needed to head back to the hotel. Our taxi driver (they don’t have Uber in Eugene) starting talking to us, and it turns out he went to my same high school! What a trip. We were talking about all the local hangouts and stuff. I had to take a selfie with him.

college5 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

When we got to our hotel, we sat in the little lobby area until it was time to head to the airport. An old hippie guy in a tie dyed suit came up to Charlie and asked for his autograph. He thought he was a famous guitarist! We told the man that Charlie does indeed play the guitar, but he’s only 17 and he’s not famous. The guy looked at him and said “Will you sign it anyway?” So here it is…

college8 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

We figured out that the guy thought Charlie was a dude named Jonny Lang. haha.

Next stop was Seattle to see the University of Washington. Boy, was that a huge place. It looked like Hogwarts. It wasn’t as warm as U of O, maybe because it literally was colder than Eugene, but it didn’t have the inclusive feeling that U of O had. It sure was pretty, though.

college12 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)college15 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)college13 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

Those two days were a treasure for me. To spend that time exclusively with my sweet boy was priceless. We had so much fun together. He’s going to be gone before I know it. It hurts my heart and it makes my heart swell at the same time. Does that even make sense? At least I get another year and a half having my boy under my roof.

Then there’s my sunshine Evan, who still sleeps with me. I don’t even care if she sleeps with me until she’s 18. I love it.

The reason she sleeps with me is because she’s too big for her loft bed, and it’ll take a crazy amount of time and preparation to dismantle the dang thing. I don’t plan on doing that until I eventually move. And, I won’t be moving until Onofrio finishes remodeling his house. Did I just say that?

I think  my future looks so bright. I’m so happy. He’s been the biggest blessing in our lives. He loves me and he loves Charlie and Evan just as much. In fact, he and Evan go out together and eat sometimes. This is the same little girl who used to tell me that she hated everything Italian because I was dating him. Oh, speaking of Evan, she got her braces off.

evan3 Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

She looks so different and so cute.

So, I’m just wondering, and don’t be too mean, but am I too old to be wearing this outfit?

outfit Lauras Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

Thank you and have a great day.

See you later, Diary.


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