Movie Mom: What Are You Watching this Weekend?

Every Friday, Movie Mom nell Minow visits Jeff and the Showgram to give us the lowdown on new movies coming to a theater near you!

This week she reviewed Logan, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine origin story – Movie Mom is in the minority because even though the movie has a 93% positive rating on the tomato meter, she gave it a bad review. Listen to find out why.

The Shack, This movie is based on a bestselling book, and is controversial because it portrays God as a black woman (kind of awesome). The movie stars Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer and Tim McGraw

Table 19: This movie is about being stuck at the “miscellaneous guest table.” Ana Kendrick stars in this bittersweet comedy.

Before I fall: Movie Mom calls this a “sad groundhog day.” It’s about a young girl’s last day on Earth, and about how she is forced to live it over and over again (like Groundhog’s day) until she learns the lessons, she’s meant to.

DVD pick – Moonlight

Next week we’re going to talk about the new King Kong movie!

Listen to Movie Mom’s review below and watch trailers below.





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