Laura’s Diary: Easter Weekend at Mom’s

Dear Diary,

I am tired.  Driving takes it out of me and I did a lot of it this weekend.  I drove to Rancho Cucamonga to see mom on Friday night.  And, boy, am I glad I left at night.  The traffic was just fine on the 15.  I heard it was crazy earlier in the day.  Charlie was in the passenger seat and Evan was in back listening to her rap music on her earbuds.  Yes, she’s in the rap stage.  God help me.

Anyway, Charlie and I had a really good conversation on the way up there.  He put his cell phone away and he was engaged the whole ride.  I cherish moments like that because they are fleeting.  To get two and a half hours of one on one time with my son at his age is priceless.

On Saturday, Onofrio came up for the day.  We all went bowling.  I thought Onofrio wouldn’t be so good at bowling because he has rarely played.  But, I should know better.  He kicked our butts  two games in a row.

onofrio Lauras Diary: Easter Weekend at Moms

The kids had fun the first game but by the second game they were just rolling the ball down the gutter to get it over with.  Sheesh.

kidsbowling Lauras Diary: Easter Weekend at Moms

That night Onofrio took us all out to dinner at a place called Kobe.  It was so much fun.  The chef who does all those fun things at the grill…like make a volcano out of onions and make the rice

heart beat with the spatula… was loving Evan.  She was laughing and loving his whole shtick.

dinner Lauras Diary: Easter Weekend at Moms

At dinner,  Onofrio gave me an envelope.  It had a really nice card in it and a slip of paper.  The paper read “You and a guest have been invited to visit the set of Westworld when filming resumes in July.”  OMG.  We love that show.  It’s on HBO in case you’ve never heard of it.  But, whoa what an amazing surprise from and amazing man.  And I’m not just saying that because of the Westworld thing.   I just can’t believe I’ve met such an attentive, driven, funny, handsome man who loves me as much as I love him.  I’m so lucky.

On Sunday, we went to Jenny’s in-law’s house in La Crescenta for early Easter dinner.  I had ham and ham has salt and salt bloats and I have a Medifast weigh in today.  Hopefully, my workouts last week offset the ham.

The kids had fun swimming and goofing around.

pool Lauras Diary: Easter Weekend at Moms

Now that Ev has her braces off so many people have been telling me that she’s my “mini-me.”  I told Onofrio about that and he said, “Hmmm, I can see how she looks like you in the mouth and eyes but her nose is much smaller.”  haha.  Thanks, Nof.

Jenny and I goofed around with Snapchat while the girls were playing in the pool.  The kids are kind of horrified that I’m even on it in the first place but too bad.

meandjen Lauras Diary: Easter Weekend at Moms

Mom was hurting pretty bad yesterday.  She has something seriously wrong with her right hand and her shoulder.  We don’t know if it’s carpel tunnel or a pinched nerve or what, but she can’t hold anything.  She has an appointment with the surgeon today.  Hopefully, we’ll get some answers.  She still looks amazing for her age, I think.

momandus Lauras Diary: Easter Weekend at Moms

I hope you have a great week!  Remember “one day at a time.”  That’s how I live my life and it helps.

See you soon, Diary.



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