laura’s Diary: I’m Scared and My Teeth Hurt

Dear Diary,

I’m getting increasingly scared as my big trip to France quickly approaches. I’m frightened for two reasons: one, all those crazy things happening on flights these days are making me freak out and two, I’m just scared of flying such a far distance.

I haven’t been “across the pond” in 20-plus years. The last time I went to France was when I was 25. I won a trip to Nice on the Price is Right! It was a seven day, six night stay. We drove to the Cannes Film Festival that trip and got to experience all that splendor!

A week from today I will be back in Cannes with the love of my life. How cool is that? I can’t wait, I’m just kinda anxious about getting there. Since there will be no drinking for me on the plane, I will have to practice Lamaze breathing or something like that.

After experiencing Cannes and the Film Festival we fly to Paris where I will be celebrating my birthday. Dream come true!  I’ve made lists upon lists upon lists of things I need to pack and stuff I need to bring. It’s making me crazy! Haha. I’ve never had this important of a packing job in my life. I even had to buy another suitcase at TJ Maxx.

Now my teeth… I’ve been using those white strips, the 30 minute ones, for a few days and now my teeth are killing me. This cannot be healthy. My teeth look pretty white, though. I’m getting my hair done today, my nails done on Saturday, my lashes done on Tuesday and a spray tan on Wednesday. OMG. I am so high maintenance it’s not even funny. But, I need to look tip top for this trip of a lifetime!!!

Here’s what my roots look like today.  This is why I’m wearing a hat.

roots lauras Diary: Im Scared and My Teeth Hurt

This whole trip has me thinking about the “what if’s”  Like, “what if I die!” It’s not a fun topic but I have to think about it. I’ve made a haphazard kind of will. It’s typed-out and signed so I think that counts for something. But, when I get back I’m really going to get real and create and official one. It’s just too late now.

I’m going to miss my babies so much. We have been having the best time with each other lately. I cherish these moments like you can’t believe. I feel like time is slipping through my fingers and I need to soak up every moment of their precious lives. Here’s what I did with Evan last Friday night.

facial lauras Diary: Im Scared and My Teeth Hurt

And here’s what I did with my boy recently. Snuggling. I love it.

my boy lauras Diary: Im Scared and My Teeth Hurt

Charlie is going to the Senior Prom with a Senior girl this weekend. He looked awesome in his tux when he was trying it on last week. He picks it up today, I think. I’ll make sure to post some pictures next week.

On Mother’s Day we are driving up to Rosa’s Tortilla Factory in Temecula to meet my mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. Onofrio is coming with us, too. I feel for him because this is the first year without his mom on Mother’s Day. She died on September 23rd. When I was picking out cards yesterday, he was with me. I asked him if he was OK with the whole thing and he said “I went through all the emotions when I was picking out your card the other day.” Awwww.

The older I get the more I appreciate my mother. She is the strongest person I know, the wisest and the sweetest. She was, and is, the world’s best Momma. I really lucked out in that department. My sister is a direct reflection of my mom. She’s an awesome mom. I just hope that I live up to my mom’s example.

Ok, Diary, I leave you with this…my Lipsense color of the day…Bombshell.  I still love this stuff.

lips lauras Diary: Im Scared and My Teeth Hurt

See you soon, Diary.


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