Emily’s Blog: How I Totally Lost It

Before my lil’ life story, I will fill you in on FREE FOOD and SLUMBER PARTY TICKETS!

I’m hosting our annual Show and Savor event at Grossmont Center this Saturday from 4:00-6:00pm! This is seriously a great event. Meet me in the center courtyard, in front of the movies to get a tasting card. With the card, you get to walk around to each restaurant and get free food samples! The portions are generous! How fun is that? Bring a friend or family and cruise around the mall and eat for free! AND, bonus, I’ll have tons of Slumber Party tickets!  Yes! Click here for details.

And now, my lil story…

Oh my gosh, I lost it yesterday. My afternoon started off fairly peaceful – Look below, how peaceful is that? – I take Reed to his OT (Occupational Therapy) every Wednesday at 3:30. This Wednesday, after I got him settled and checked in with his therapist, I went next door to Pappalecco on Adams Ave. I had brought some of my jewelry making supplies and I decided, ‘what the heck, I’m going to have a glass of wine while I bead outside on their patio!’ It was so glorious – Quiet. Calm. Doing what I LOVE. Robert and Reed gave me $75 to Hobby Lobby for more supplies! SO freaking awesome! Hobby Lobby is my heaven.

Making handmade jewelry

Reed finished at 4:30 and off we went, headed home. Robert was there when we arrived, messing around with his dirt bike in the garage. About 5 minutes after arriving home it was meltdown city for Reed. Then, around that same time, Robert started revving the engine over and over again (because he had to test the new spark plug.) That escalated Reed further.

The dogs were going nuts. My brain started going nuts, as well. Now the ball was officially rolling toward crazy town. It was traveling fast.

I’ll spare you all the details of the screaming match that led Robert and I to each other’s throats, which led to me bagging on his parenting skills without even confronting my own. Sheesh. It is so crazy how kids can make you, the parents, hate each other (in the moment.)

I ended up being so looney that I walked out to my car and just sat in it. Parked in front of the driveway. In silence.

I’m laughing at it now, as I am typing this. It’s so wild how you can keep it together, and stay calm, and handle situations so well sometimes, and then randomly loose your sh*t!

I returned to the house and Reed and Robert’s chaos kept going. They were bickering like little brothers.

After stomping through dinner preparation, I started filling Reeds bubble bath up. Then I said F-it, I need to bathe too. So I took his bathwater first. lol. Just took my clothes off and hopped in. This c00-coo move actually ended up being the right one because when I got out I felt calmer.

I was able to apologize to my boys for acting like that. They love me anyways. We all love each other so much.

I guess we all loose it sometimes, right? Even if you don’t, just humor me ok? 🙂  Disclaimer-See at the bottom.

Well, today is another day. My “ability-to-deal-with-things-properly meter” is at about 9 out of 10. So, it’s looking pretty damn good!

As always, you guys are the sweetest and best for even allowing me to vent to you. Feel free to do the same. Always. emily@kyxy.com

I hope I see you this Saturday!

Love, Emily

PS-The photo at the very top was from the Del Mar Mud Run this past weekend! I joined a group of school moms last minute. It was a blast! I still can’t walk though.

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Disclaimer: Sometimes I wonder if, by me venting, it appears as though my child is horrible – He is so far from that. He is smart, funny, caring, loving, interesting and silly. I just choose to share the tricky times more often than the perfect ones. I feel like we all see the “perfect times” from everyone, everyday on Facebook. I think that it’s important as parents that we don’t feel alone. So, there you have it. Hugs.

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