Movie Mom Reviews ‘Everything Everything’ & The New ‘Alien’

Every Friday, Movie Mom nell Minow visits Jeff and the Showgram to give us the lowdown on new movies coming to a theater near you!

Alien: Covenant

This is the 5th Alien movie – To give you some bearings on the timeline, there were the first three Alien movies, then the prequel, Prometheus. Alien: Covenant picks up AFTER Prometheus, taking us to the point where the Sigourney Weaver Alien movie starts.

Movie Mom sums up the movie, and in fact all the movies in the franchise, like this: “Super attractive people being picked apart by an insect alien, one by one, in a really disgusting and scary way.” She was not impressed.

One thing she did like, was the return of the Michael Fassbender robot from Prometheus. In this movie, we have two of them. But, ultimately, Movie Mom sums this movie as being too similar to what Alien has already given us, so no new ground covered.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

The third in the series, the kids from the original two movies are already grown, so they had to start over with new kids – new everybody.

The mom is played by Alicia Silverstone (Clueless) the dad is Tom Everett Scott (That thing you do.) The movie is about an excruciating family car trip, because there are no other kinds, right?

There is a lot Lot of humor based on bodily functions, especially after the family takes up with a pig. Movie Mom was not a fan, but there was a little boy sitting behind her in the theater. After the movie, the boy’s mom asked him if he liked it and he said he liked it “A billion times infinity.” So we can’t say the movie doesn’t speak to its intended audience.

Everything Everything

The movie based on the best selling novel by Nicola Yoon and is a modern spin on the classic fairytale.

It’s about a girl who has an immune disease so she can never go outside. She hasn’t been outside since she was 2-years old. She’s never met anybody other than her mother, her nurse and the nurse’s daughter. She’s never breathed unfiltered air or stepped on grass, none of that. When a charming (and handsome) young man moves in next door, new possibilities appear.

Movie Mom thought this movie worked – She loved the actors, Amandla Stenberg (Rue from Hunger Games) and Nick Robinson (Jurassic World.) Movie Mom says they had fabulous chemistry. What Movie Mom did not like was the “stupid” twist at the end of the movie. She didn’t drop any spoilers, but she says she will reveal to anyone who cares enough to email and ask –

Bonus review:

Life Itself: It’s the Roger Ebert story and it came out 3 years ago (Jeff has only just now watched it.) He was beyond impressed with the movie and it’s message.

Listen to the full review in the podcast below!



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