Emily’s Blog: Our ‘Yachting’ Vessel, Topless Robert, and A List of Dates

Hi!  Hoping everyone’s week was good.  Mine has seemed to go so slow. Like, soooo slow.

I went into this week with a horrible sunburn! I know better! We took the “SS Barnesworth” (Robert’s 13 ft aluminum fishing boat) out on Mission Bay on Sunday. We went “yachting” as Robert calls it 🙂

img 40881 Emilys Blog: Our Yachting Vessel, Topless Robert, and A List of Dates

Here’s my hot man Robert 🙂 We got that gigantic birdie and rackets to go with it at the 99 cent store! You know, that place should really let me do advertisements on the radio for them! I shop there like twice a week! Sheesh!

img 4091 Emilys Blog: Our Yachting Vessel, Topless Robert, and A List of Dates

Last week I received an invite from my Godfather/1st cousin Niel to be his date at the annual RITZ Party!

This party is THE party OMG! It’s for the San Diego Zoo, at the Zoo. RITZ stands for Rendezvous In The Zoo. My mom is going to!

I went with him last year and we had the best time ever!  It’s so fancy and the food is amazing! I wished I had brought a big refrigerated purse with me! There was a giant, cold seafood bar with lobster, crab, shrimp and scallops! Holy balls!  That’s like heaven on ice.

At the party, a lot of people wear these neat animal designed dresses from fancy local designers. A Lot of ladies whose faces have been lifted 20 times in a flowing dresses with, like,  handpainted tigers on them – No joke. Its pretty amazing.

The people watching is incredible. On the clothing topic, I LOVE to wear things that have to do with a theme. It’s just so much more fun with a theme.

I found this really pretty, silky, leopard shirt dress that I think would be neat. It’s also perfect because I am so insecure about parts of my body right now – my arms and tummy. And this hides them!

My mom said it looks trashy. Mom! I told her that I obviously wouldn’t let it plunge that far down…I’d pin it and tape it down to my boobies 🙂 I think I would sparkle it up with some super sparkly jewelry and dramatic makeup. Thoughts?

img 4112 Emilys Blog: Our Yachting Vessel, Topless Robert, and A List of Dates

One more clothing thing. I order stuff all the time off this app called Wish. The stuff mostly ships from China. I found these embroidered Mary Janes! They have a rubber sole, too and an arch for comfort! I can’t wait to get them! If you have the app then search “Chinese Mary Janes.” There were tons of different styles! I’ll let you know how they fit when I get them, in like two months!

img 4139 Emilys Blog: Our Yachting Vessel, Topless Robert, and A List of Dates

And finally, check this out, I was looking for fun, family, summer stuff and found this list of hundreds of movies in the park all around San Diego for the summer!

I’m going to print it and tape it on my fridge! Let me know if any of you go to one near La Mesa..lets meet up and hang!  Click here for the list!

Thank goodness for the long weekend.

We decided to stay at a hotel in town and toot around the bay! We booked a room at Island Palms Shelter Island. It is such a neat hotel and it’s reasonably priced too! Only bummer is, it’s going to be sort of overcast. Oh well. I am excited to do this. We’re going to take the boat to the little dock at the Bali Hai! You can park it there and go up and have a mai tai! Yay! 🙂

I’m getting ready to leave work today and go to my second follow up appointment for my eyebrows. I got them Microbladed! It’s amazing, and I will show you my before and after photos once I am finally done. It is seriously life changing!

Take care and lots of love to you.


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