Movie Mom Reviews: ‘Wonder Woman’ & ‘Captain Underpants’

Every Friday Movie Mom Nell Minow visits Jeff and the Showgram to give us the lowdown on new movies coming to a theater near you!

Captain Underpants: This animated movie is based on the insanely popular book series by Dav Pilkey.

The story follows two, fourth graders, who are best friends who pull a lot of pranks at school, and so they get in trouble a lot.

They end up hypnotizing their awful principle into thinking that he is a superhero, even though he is NOT. And it’s all fun and games until an actual super villain shows up.

The movie’s main characters are voiced by Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch. Ed Helms lends his voice to the role of school principle A.K.A. Captain Underpants.

“It’s a real tribute to friendship and the power of imagination, you know. Not with devices, but just hanging out with your friends, making each other laugh. And that’s a good reminder for everybody,” Movie Mom says. She loved it. Listen to the full review below.

Wonder Woman: According to Movie Mom, Wonder Woman lives up to the hype. She gave it three wonderfuls!

Touching, romantic, surprising, it was great. Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, Movie Mom points out, is a real-life badass – She was trained in hand-to-hand combat in the Israeli army. Chris Pine plays Captain Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s American love interest.

The movie is set in WWI and centers around a real-life weapon that was used during the war, a weapon so horrific that the world vowed not to use it again – Poison gas.

Wonder Woman is great movie for Middle School and up, Movie Mom says.

For the full review, including some really awesome Wonder Woman backstory, listen to the podcast below.

Jeff’s Documentary Recommendation

Mr. Rogers and Me: This movie is about a guy who lived next door to Mr. Rogers and the relationship that developed!

“There were things that I experienced watching that movie that will stick with me and will, in small ways or big ways, will change how I think about life and how I relate to others, and more than that,” Jeff said. We think that means he really, really liked it.







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