Tommy’s Blog: How I Got Healthy

It was over the weekend when I went Sharp to do a blood test and urine test. I was just preparing for my yearly check up with my doctor – I see him in a few weeks and he┬ájust wanted me to get some blood work done.

Well, I just got a phone call from Dr. Bryce. He just reviewed the results of my tests.

He decided to┬ácancel my appointment because he said my test results looked great and there isn’t any reason to see me. He said I was healthy.


You don’t understand how cool that is for me.


Six years ago these test results would have sounded off alarms. I wasn’t healthy before I went on the Medifast California program.

BUT, I am now.

It’s my opinion that my health is due to weight loss. You can get healthy, too. The way I lost weight was with Medifast California, and because of that, I got healthy.

Yes, it’s cool when you lose weight and the number on the scale is something to be proud of. It’s so cool when you can fit into clothes that don’t have a zillion X’s. XXXXXXXXXL.

More important than any of that, is that I am healthy. I am healthy, not only for me, but for my family.

I was told once that I was selfish when I was overweight – I was selfish because I wasn’t trying to live as long as I could for my children. When someone told me that, it hurt and it still hurts when I think about it.

Yes, it’s summer and it’s a great feeling to lose weight and to fit in those swim trunks (or that bikini) but the best feeling in the world is to get a call from your doctor and hear him or her say that you are healthy, and you don’t have to come in, and to check back next year.

Thank you so much to Medifast California.

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