Watch Tommy and Laura’s Kiss!

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  • abeauty

    If there was no spark why did they kiss for so long????

  • abeauty

    If there was no spark why did they kiss for so long???

  • DeeDee

    I was driving to work and could just imagine, but now that I see the video…IT’S ON YOU TWO!!!!! Laura, you just gotta stop blocking the love that is there for you….You know you loved it! Love all of you guys!

  • Agi

    I’m with Jer — I creeped out! It was so DISTURBING I couldn’t believe that was Laura moaning!? That was EPIC! After watching the video — I kept one eye closed BTW — eek; I couldn’t believe I watched it?! I felt like I was prying on a ‘private’ moment – at least it sounded like it. I need a shower~HA~

  • Nancy

    They were totally makin’ out.

  • Kit

    OMG! I had to watch through my fingers covering my face!!!!

  • Jennifer Winans

    SOOOO how long you guys been wanting to do that! Looks like a LONG time!

  • Chhito

    Tommy and Laura,
    Both of you are good sport and you make a wonderful couple

  • diane

    Who better to love then your best friend.

  • Colleen

    wow, Laura was moaning all through the kiss….hummmmm

  • Russell

    Were their pupils large when they were done? If so there was a spark, the eyes don’t lie.

  • Diane Z

    That was awkward!

  • claydo858

    Stupidest radio bit EVER!!!. Come on J&J, you can do better. If Laura & Tommy had any feelings for each other they would have discovered it by now! That desparate already? How do you say…”junior high radio!” Pathetic!

  • Gil

    Tommy – way to represent! Talk about a southbay, CV, CPH macdown. You are da man. Go Trojans – Laura fess-up

  • Norma Jean McHale

    I love Laura, but she’s toooo picky. I’ll take you, Tommy!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!! After that kiss, how could Laura say there was no spark??? Is she freaking crazy????? How could you NOT get happy pants from that kiss????

  • Al


    You should do a show on air like the old dating game.

  • Luana

    Wow, the kiss happened while I was driving to work. I was afraid I would miss it by driving into my parking structure, so I drove around the block again. Sounded great! I just watched it. “Uncomfortable Radio”!!!

  • Haydee R. Aguilar

    @Tommy, oh that didn’t look like just a fun kiss………that was muy caliente!!!!! Wow!!

  • Trixie Delight

    sorry, but I thought it was gross and uncomfortable. Just say friends!

  • Tommy

    It’s Tommy. Thanks for all the comments. Remember, the kiss was just a kiss. It wasn’t about being together. We are closer the way we are now. :) We were able to kiss like that, because we are so close. It won’t happen again. :)

  • mike

    First time on the web site, first time I’ve seen a picture of Laura….love listening to her voice in the morning. Could listen to her voice all day. I now know she has the looks to go with the voice. Definely someone you can spend hours talking to over dinner. Tommy is a very lucky man.

  • Mary K

    I felt like a voyer watching!

  • Debbie

    Wow! I can’t believe you guys went through with it. And Laura made it a long time without getting the giggles, too.

  • Zona

    And Tommy aint even a pilot. Remember, its all aobut he family.

  • Ginna

    I want one just like that!!!! tommy ur hired!!!!

  • Brandy

    Its about time!

  • Isela

    That was so awkward to watch! lol

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