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New Music From Erik Hassle In Today’s Music Lab

Today in the KyXy New Music Lab lab Swedish pop singer-songwriter Eric Hassle’s new release “No Words”. Served up with Gravlax & Grogg and the latest music news, Enjoy!


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The Dean’s List: The 3 Ways EVERYONE Will Spend Their Tax Refund

The IRS Is Actually Just A Big Travel Agency, Here’s Why.


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The Dean’s List: Don’t Throw That Easter Chocolate Eat It Because It’s Good For You!

Eating 44 Pounds of Chocolate Is as Good For You as Exercising? Time to rejoice! A new study finds that chocolate is better for your brain than exercise. However, there’s a catch (there’s always a […]


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The Dean’s List: Should We Feel Sorry For The Chick-fil-A Drive Thru Ambush Guy?

Do you remember back in the summer of 2012 when folks were upset with the owner of Chick-fil-A’s because of his statement opposing gay marriage? You probably didn’t hear his statements, but EVERYONE watched as a […]


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The Dean’s List: A Video Every Mom Should Watch (And Try Not To Cry)

There’s a lot of pressure being a parent. There’s no handbook for every difficult situation and we’re bound to make mistakes along the way and for most of us, we’re our own biggest critic. But […]


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The Deans List: Women Aren’t Complicated, Men Are Just Simple.

A new survey has found the top things about women that BAFFLE men. And you’ll be happy to know that pretty much everything comics have been joking about since the 90’s hold true today. Apparently […]


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New Music From Brandon Flowers & UK Sensation The RUA In Today’s Music Lab

Today in the KyXy New Music Lab lab UK sensation The RUA is making their mark on the music world and already have gigs lined up on both sides of the Atlantic plus a brand […]


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Dean’s List: Hot App At SXSW Allows Anyone To Star In A Reality Show

I’m not too terribly tech smart but… There’s a new app that’s getting the uber buzz around SXSW today and it’s called Meerkat. It allows you to stream live from your mobile device right to […]


Social Skills

The Dean’s List: Say Hello To The Rise Of Burn Book And The End Of Social Skills

At first this video seems harmless enough. In fact it might be kind of fun to have a robot bring you an extra towel or toothpaste to your hotel room. But to me this may be […]


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The Dean’s List: 5 Things You Should Never Borrow Money For (#3 Will Surprise You)

Right now 500,000 Americans are delinquent on their student loans. Even though that is an incredible amount of us financial advisors say taking out student loans is NOT a bad idea. However, there are some […]