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Photo courtesy of Tara Macri

[Watch] Tara Macri Performs LIVE for KyXy at December Nights!

Local talent (and future superstar) Tara Macri stopped by December Nights to hang out with Kevin and Susan from The Afternoon Ride! The gorgeous singer-songwriter serenaded our listeners and cameras with her original song, “Christmas […]


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The Dean’s List: Hackers Reveal Secret Celebrity Aliases…. A Big Deal?

A week or so back a hacker group called the “Guardians of Peace” hacked files from Sony Pictures and now they have released a list that reveals several celebrities’ secret aliases that are used when […]


Santa Online

Dean’s List: Websites To Check Out For The Perfect Not So Last Minute Gifts.

It’s that time of year again, time to find that perfect gift online in a sea of websites. In hopes to make it a little easier here’s a few sites I found helpful in hunting […]


Short Wedding Dress

Half The Brides You Know Are About To Wear One These

Say goodbye to another tradition because short wedding dresses have come into style in a big way! Across the country fashion designers are meeting the demand with more styles for their picky brides-to-be and the […]



When Will KyXy Play Christmas Music? Let’s Find Out!

Your calls, e-mails and messages have been pouring in over the last week all wanting to know the same thing “When will the Christmas music start?” Some of you are really excited, and some of […]


Photo; KDean KyXy

New Video: Search For The Best Fish Taco In SD Swims On!

My next stop in finding the best fish taco in San Diego takes me to Wahoo’s! Many of you suggested this to be the BEST fish taco in the land. Let’s find out…   And […]


(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Dean’s List: Video Of Cute Flight Attendant Singing Cover Of Royals Goes Viral, Cue The Backlash.

A video of a flight attendant by the name of Robynn Shayne performing a beautiful cover of Lorde’s hit song “Royals” has hit the viral video sphere and now she could be in big trouble. […]


Photo: KDean KyXy - PB Fish Shop

New Video Of Kevin Eating (eewww) The Search For Best Fish Taco In Town Continues!

The journey to Fish Taco Nirvana sails into Pacific Beach this time. Many suggestions for the PB Fish Shop and their TKO Taco. Here’s the video review… And the score – Cost – $5 Taste […]


1.4 Million Affected By Massive Power Outage In California, Arizona And Mexico

Take It From The Traffic Guy Everybody Gets Stuck In Traffic, Even Celebrities.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that rush hour traffic is the great equalizer. No matter how important you are or how badly you need to get to your appointment traffic moves at […]


(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

You Can Accessorize Like Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift may have sold 1.3 million copies of her album and made a truck load of cash but she still rocks a $50 purse! She was seen recently at several events with the same […]



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