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Emily’s Blog: Our ‘Yachting’ Vessel, Topless Robert, and A List of Dates

Thank goodness for the long weekend.


Emily’s Blog: How I Totally Lost It

And Some Fun And Where You Can Eat Lots of Free Food AND Get Slumber Party Tickets And Other Prizes At The Same Time!


Emily’s Blog: I Had To Do Something and It Was More Emotional Than I Thought it Would Be

It happened on Tuesday. Mercury was in retrograde.


Emily’s Blog: Our Train Trip (highs and lows), A Spring Break Craft and Cooking!

  Hello there! I hope you all are having a nice spring. Isn’t it just beautiful? Only problem is weeds!  Oh my gosh!  I have weeds galore because of all the rain – Like we’re […]


Emily’s Blog: My Week…Some Fun Parts And, For Sure, Some Tricky Parts.

A romantic O.B. Staycation, some worrisome and some great things with Reed, and, of course, some food!


Emily’s Blog: Trying To Eat Healthier In The New Year (and lose a few lbs)? Yea, Me Too!

A Recipe For Ya. Also, calling all moms, I need help!


Emily’s Blog: #MoveHalloween, My Crazy Evenings, And Cooking!

I would first like to start by saying how GROSS Halloween on a Monday is/was.


Emily’s Blog: Erykah Badu Showed Up At Reed’s Summer Camp And Some Me Stuff!

Erykah Badu showed up to Reed’s camp on the last day and read stories to the kids


Emily’s Blog: My Weekend and I’m Feeling Nervous!

Man, was this past weekend busy. Robert was right…I get these grand ideas (i.e. the above ground pool) and this it’s simple or cheap. Then, about $600 later and about 24 hours of man-power in, […]


Emily’s Blog: Jam Packed Weekend! Ready For A Nap!

Wow! What an amazing weekend!  It started off Friday…Robert and I surprised Reed at school early and headed to The Catamaran Resort in Pacific Beach. OMG that hotel/resort is beyond gorgeous. I honestly forgot that […]


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