Evonne Ermey

CBS San Diego Journalist & Digital Producer

Felony Charges for Pet Owners Who Abandoned Animals During Hurricane Irma

Pets were found tied to trees, poles or cars outside. Some pets were left in yards, confined in kennels from which they could not escape. 


5 KAABOO Festival Essentials

The 3-day Del Mar brew-ha-ha by the beach, KAABOO, is upon us! The lineup looks smashing — Pink, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse — and the weather looks dreamy — forecast says mid-70s all weekend! […]


Can We Please Be Rescued By These Gainesville Police Officers?

These officers responding to Hurricane Irma, posted a selfie that made all the ladies of the internet want to call 9-1-1


Serena Williams Shares Photo of Newborn Daughter

Serena also shared a short video documenting her pregnancy journey. So amazing!


San Diego Padres 2018 Schedule Published

The season will start early – Thursday, March 29 against the Brewers at 1:10 p.m.


Netflix in September – What’s Coming and What’s Going

It’s like they found all of our favorite movies for September – Jaws, Pulp Fiction, Beauty and the Beast, Amores Perros…


How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims In Texas

These are organizations where people can donate or volunteer to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.


Meet the Massachusetts Woman Who Won the Powerball

Mavis let her employer know, she won’t be returning.


Lawsuit Means Payouts of Up To $900 For ‘Free Cruise’ Robocall Recipients

Check your phone number against this data base to see if it’s included in the settlement.


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