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(Photo courtesy of Laura Cain)

Laura’s Diary: Happy Birthday Charlie!

Oh how I love you. Happy 17th Birthday on this January 17th.

KyXy–16 hours ago


Laura’s Diary: My EPIC Trip to NYC

Dear Diary, What can I say?  I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I have the best boyfriend EVER and I get to do the coolest stuff.  What did I do to deserve all […]



Laura’s Diary: WHAT IS IT??????

Dear Diary, What the heck do I get Onofrio for Christmas? Seriously. He’s the kind of guy that appreciates thoughtful, creative gifts. I don’t have the energy to think up a creative, thoughtful gift right […]


(Photo courtesy of Laura Cain)

Laura’s Diary: Onofrio DON’T READ THIS…

Dear Diary, In exactly one week Onofrio and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary.   It feels like we just started dating and it also feels like we’ve been dating for years at […]



Laura’s Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

Dear Diary, Evan said something to me that shocked me.  She told me that she can’t wait to move into Onofrio’s house because “it’s so cool!”and she can “ride bikes around the neighborhood.” He is […]



Laura’s Diary: Melancholy But Grateful…

I feel like I’ve been underwater for the last two and a half weeks. That friggin hernia surgery was so bad!



Laura’s Diary: We had ‘The Talk!’

That’s right, you know, THE TALK.



Laura’s Diary: My Life Is About To Change!!!

Dear Diary, My life is going to change today. I am getting new furniture and I couldn’t be more excited. The guys from Father Joe came yesterday to take away my old furniture. I had […]



Laura’s Diary: The Races, The Concert, My BFF…Lots to Tell Ya!!!

Dear Diary, Man, I have a lot of catching up to do. It’s been awhile, so bear with me. Let me start off with my BFF in the whole wide world, Stacey. She came into […]



Laura’s Diary: Here He Is!!!!

Dear Diary, It’s time.  Yes, it’s time to show the wonderful, handsome, genuine, loving, giving, funny, bigger-than-life Onofrio.  It’s not like I was hiding him because he was in some kind of witness protection program. […]


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