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laura’s Diary: I’m Scared and My Teeth Hurt

I’ve been using those white strips, the 30 minute ones, for a few days and now my teeth are killing me.


Laura’s Diary: A Few of My Favorite Things

What do I need to see in Paris when I go, besides the Eiffel Tower?


Laura’s Diary: Easter Weekend at Mom’s

Dear Diary, I am tired.  Driving takes it out of me and I did a lot of it this weekend.  I drove to Rancho Cucamonga to see mom on Friday night.  And, boy, am I […]


Laura’s Diary: It’s Not “That Time” Yet

Now I’m all into this wedding, and Say Yes To The Dress – I’ve never tried on a wedding dress.


Laura’s Diary: My March Madness (In a Good Way)

I am kind of freaking out because I’m telling my story at my Monday night meeting next week.


Laura’s Diary: Happy Birthday Charlie!

Oh how I love you. Happy 17th Birthday on this January 17th.


Laura’s Diary: My EPIC Trip to NYC

Dear Diary, What can I say?  I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I have the best boyfriend EVER and I get to do the coolest stuff.  What did I do to deserve all […]


Laura’s Diary: WHAT IS IT??????

Dear Diary, What the heck do I get Onofrio for Christmas? Seriously. He’s the kind of guy that appreciates thoughtful, creative gifts. I don’t have the energy to think up a creative, thoughtful gift right […]


Laura’s Diary: Onofrio DON’T READ THIS…

Dear Diary, In exactly one week Onofrio and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary.   It feels like we just started dating and it also feels like we’ve been dating for years at […]


Laura’s Diary: My Babies, My Love and My Reunion

Dear Diary, Evan said something to me that shocked me.  She told me that she can’t wait to move into Onofrio’s house because “it’s so cool!”and she can “ride bikes around the neighborhood.” He is […]


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