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Sam’s Blog: Top Foods and Beverages That Kill Bedroom Fun

If Food and Sex were on Facebook, their relationship status would be “It’s Complicated”. I was totally shocked to find out what might be sabotaging a great night of boudoir fun. Let’s start out with [...]

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Sam’s Blog: Cool Zones In San Diego County

Is that the sound of an exploding thermometer I hear, or heat records being shattered? We are in for some beastly temperatures and humidity. Highs in the valleys will be in the 100s Saturday through Tuesday. [...]


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Sam’s Picks For This Weekend’s Fun

It’s going to be HOT, but there’s a ton of cool things to do this weekend. Here a few of my picks: Heart and Stroke Walk: Tomorrow morning, nice and early before it gets too [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Coffee Addiction Is A Good Thing!

Rarely are the words “Addiction” and “Good” “Thing” used in the same sentence, but in this case, it’s true. And that’s great news for this caffeine addled addict. Seriously, three weeks ago I came down [...]


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7 Things Women Do To Ruin A First Date

There are lots of ways guys ruin first dates, such as showing up with body odor, drinking too much, using foul language, passing gas, I can keep going but enough about me. Here are the [...]


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Honorary Mayor Of Julian Gets Trashed!

In a shocking display of debauchery,  Julian’s Honorary Mayor Stacy L. Peyakov, (the one on the left) along with 2 of her BFF’s proved that Toronto’s Mayor  Robb Ford’s got nothing on her. Truth is, [...]


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Sam’s Picks For Weekend Fun!

It’s what we live for, the weekend!!! We have parades, lots of grapes, including stuffed grape leaves, country music in Chula Vista and Brazilian hot fun in Pacific Beach. Here are my picks for a [...]


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Ex Padre Peavy Can Sing!

It’s hard to hate on the SF Giants. They have three of our favorite Padres in the clubhouse, skipper Bochy, 3rd base coach Tim Flannery and pitcher Jake Peavy. A lot of us got p****d [...]


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Is the Facebook App Robbing Us?

The app is called Auto Play. Smartphone users can max out your data plans if you don’t change a default setting in the Facebook app, because if you leave it ON it will automatically start [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Don’t Recline That Seat!

A couple of weeks ago I was on flight from LA to Orlando. I took a Sunday night “redeye”. I was in coach (as always) and stuck in the middle seat. That’s not fun when [...]



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