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San Diego First Weekend of Fall Fun

There’s a ton going on. Let’s check out the Sunday fun


This Weekend’s San Diego Fun

The last weekend of the summer of 2017. How can that be? There’s a ton of fun to be had this weekend so let’s dive in.


San Diego Weekend Fun

Our thoughts and prayers with those in Texas, Florida and Mexico. And let’s not forget those exposed to the Western Wild Fires. Interesting times in which we live. Let us rejoice that we can have fun this weekend. Here’s what’s going on .


KyXy Labor Day San Diego Weekend Fun

Wow, Party City is already selling Halloween stuff. Can Christmas be far off? But it’s still summer and it’s hot. Let’s cool off with hot Labor Day weekend fun


KyXy Weekend Fun

Thoughts and prayers with our friends in Texas and Louisiana getting hammered by Hurricane Harvey. God protect them. I almost feel guilty living in paradise. Almost! Here’s what’s happening this weekend


KyXy Weekend Fun

Another beautiful San Diego weekend and I get to hang out with you on KyXy. Here are the fun things going on this weekend that I can’t go to because I’m playing your favorite music and giving out Legoland tix every hour at 40 minutes past the hour.


KyXy Weekend Fun

Hope you’re having big fun this weekend. Remember there’s more to life than changing the bed sheets and mopping floors. Let’s get out and enjoy some of the great things America’s finest city has to offer


First Weekend of August San Diego Fun

Happy Sunday. Let’s have some fun before heading back to work.


This Weekend’s San Diego Fun

Wow, can you believe this is the last weekend of July? Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ Lets enjoy today’s fun


A Weekend To Be Proud To Be A San Diegan

This is a BIG WEEKEND. Time to be proud for lots of reasons. 


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