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Sam’s Picks For San Diego Weekend Fun

This is what we live for, the weekend in San Diego. Here are a few of my picks for weekend fun. Here’s one we’re excited about at KyXy. It’s The Best of San Diego Party [...]


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San Diego Weekend Roundup Of Fun!

It’s the weekend, we live in San Diego, the 6th coolest city in America, according to Forbes. Are they crazy? We’re NUMBER ONE and these weekend events prove it. Weekend Fun at the Del Mar [...]


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How To Eat A Watermelon

I love watermelon. It’s good for you too. They’re packed with vitamins C, A and potassium. They’re also messy. I was eating some the other day. Unfortunately I was wearing white pants. Well, they were [...]


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25 Awesome Summer Road Trip Songs!

Planning a summer road trip soon? Have you made a list of your road trip songs? We’re not talking “John Jacob Jinkleheimer Schmidt” or “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”.  We are talking Beastie [...]


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Kids React To Typewriters

Did you ever use one of these? Do you even know what it is? The best day of my life was in 1995 when I took a Word Perfect night class at Miramar College, bought [...]


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Weekend Roundup Of Fun!

It’s the weekend, we live in San Diego, let’s have fun. Del Mar racing events: . Saturday features Weezer after the last race (about 6:30 p.m.) as well as a chili cookoff and salsa contest. [...]


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Is Facebook Dead?

Let’s face it, we never want our teens to think we’re not cool. I think this is especially true for moms. We want to know what kind of music they’re into, what are the latest [...]



OMG! Cows Are Exploding!!

If I had a hat on I’d tip it to the folks at Chipotle. Not content to give us burritos, tacos and more, they’re now branching out into the entertainment world and creating original content. [...]


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Weekend Roundup Of Fun

Comic Con 2014: OK, we all know it’s Comic Con 2014 through Sunday. You don’t have tickets. I don’t  have tickets, but the people watching is free and you don’t need a ticket for that. [...]


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Geeks, Zombies And Dead Pirates Invade San Diego

Wow, I had to dig through the archives to find that picture. I know it’s only Wednesday but that’s a classic #TBT shot. What is it about Zombies that fascinates us? Do you want to [...]



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