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Sam’s Blog: What Office Supply Are You?

I have to admit, I’m an office supply nerd. Some of us like going to hardware stores, some prefer liquor stores, as for me I could easily spend an hour in Staples or Office Depot [...]

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Sam’s Blog: Mom & Dad, Beware Of Halloween Cookies And Candy Made Of Potent Pot

What ever happened to the good old days when kids would ring the doorbell and some kindly grownup would hand out the candy corn, Reese’s Pieces, or heaven forbid, gum? Unfortunately, for the past 20 [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Meet A Professional “Happyologist”

For years Carlsbad’s Jackie Ruka was making six figures teaching drug-makers like Pfizer how to market their products to the public. The job required constant travel and 12- to 16-hour days. She was miserable. Then [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Retired Oceanside Teacher Reveals Deep Dark Secret

John Corcoran fooled his teachers in grade school. He continued faking his way through Junior and Senior High School. He even bluffed his journey through college and managed to graduate with a teaching degree. For [...]


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Sam’s Blog: People Pay To Get The Ebola Microbe

I’ve thought of many adjectives to describe the deadly Ebola microbe but “warm” and “fuzzy” aren’t two of them. However! A toy company has made a plush Ebola doll, which people have been snapping up. [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Don’t Panic Over Ebola!

I was downtown yesterday taking care of some business at the Diamond View Tower by Petco. I boarded an elevator in the lobby with four other people. As soon as the door closed I coughed. [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Weddle Tackles Domestic Violence!

Bearded Chargers safety Eric Weddle looks like one tough SOB, and he is, but he’s a tough SOB with a very sensitive side. His hobby is designing jewelry. He calls his “Bolts” inspired creations his [...]


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Sam’s Picks For San Diego Weekend Fun

It’s the weekend. What took it so long to get here? No worries. There is much to do, see, taste, hear and flat out enjoy. Barktoberfest: This event is going on all weekend (Oct 17 [...]


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Sam’s Blog: The Pickup Truck From Mars?

I won’t deny it, you encounter some pretty bizarre sights in Kearny Mesa. Yesterday I stopped off at Home Bar Liquor on Ashford to buy a lotto ticket and into the parking lot rolled this [...]


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Sam’s Blog: OMG! Things I See While Walking Dog

Walking the dog in the hood last night and saw this on the sidewalk. Created by some water runoff. Can’t quite figure out what it reminds me of. But my Facebook “friends” had some ideas: [...]



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