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Happy first October Weekend In America’s Sexiest City

Lets DO this. Go Chargers! Kohl’s Santee Appearance: I love Kohls. Hope to see you this Saturday from 10AM to Noon 2015 Miramar Airshow
Starts at 8:15 a.m. all days, Oct. 2-4; Marine Corps Air Station […]


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October Means “Freebies” For Our Kids

Every October San Diego becomes a family paradise.  October is “Kids Free San Diego”. Kids can get free admission to many of our major attractions, free meals at some of our top restaurants and so […]


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Play It Forward with Sycuan Casino – Sam at the Gas Station!

KyXy 96.5 and Sycuan Casino are partnering up to Play it Forward.  Sam Bass and the KyXy street team will be at various locations throughout San Diego.  We’re going to play it forward to help […]


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The 5 Second Rule: Yes Or No?

I’ll never forget a few years ago I took my youngest and her boyfriend to Disneyland. We were having lunch when a slice of Nick’s pizza landed on the floor. He promptly picked it up […]


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Heart / Stroke Walk This Saturday!

Does heart disease run in your family? It runs in mine. It can be a killer. My Grandpa Bert died of a massive heart attack at 56. Family legend has it that Grandpa Bert never […]


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30 Awesome Questions To Ask Your Kid After School

When you get home after a long day at work do you want someone asking you, “How was your day”? Trust me, that’s how your child feels after a day at school. Ditch the “how […]


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Sycuan Casino’s $100,000 Football Challenge

Are you ready for some football? Are you ready to win $100,000? Just pick each week’s winners. If you do better than Charger great LaDanian Tomlinson, the latest member of the Sycuan team, you can […]


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Sam’s Blog: 9 Fascinating Things You Don’t Know About Anthony Bourdain

Forget the Dos Equis guy, the most interesting man in the world is Anthony Bourdain, He actually gets paid to visit exotic locations so he can eat, and drink….a lot! When grow up I want […]


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Sam’s Blog: App To School

I love that headline so much I borrowed / stole it from John Quain. Chances are when we were in school we didn’t have apps because we sure as heck didn’t have smart phones. If […]


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Sam’s Blog: What To Do If Your Child Hates Their Teacher, Or Vice Versa!

When I went to school we didn’t have “helicopter” parents. If the teacher smacked you for misbehaving and mom or dad found out about it, you’d get another smacking at home. Did I mention I […]