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Sam’s Picks For Weekend #SDFUN

There’s a lot more going on in America’s Finest that sitting in front of the TV and ingesting 2,400 calories. Here’s some of the fun stuff  happening this weekend: Monster Jam: I love this event […]


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Sam’s Blog: The Best Wing Recipes In The World

This Sunday’s “Big Game” means one thing and it’s not deflated pig skins. This Sunday is about chicken wings, or as they’re known in their Upstate New York birthplace, Buffalo Wings. For the past four […]


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Sam’s Blog: What You Need To Know About Measles

Measles! Sounds like a harmless thing we get when we’re little kids but it can be extremely dangerous. Measles is the most deadly of all childhood rash/fever illnesses. The disease spreads very easily, so it […]


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Sam’s Blog: Healthy And Hideous Vending Machine Snacks

There’s a joke in radio that claims the vending machine is the closest a lot of disc jockeys ever get to a home cooked meal. Sadly there’s a lot truth to that. Come to think […]


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Sam Video: YouTube’s Highest Paid Star

So who do you think the highest paid star on YouTube is? Taylor Swift? The spaghetti eating cat? Not even close. No one is sure who she is but they believe she may be a […]


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Sam’s Blog: Glitter Bomb Your Enemies

Glitter’s shiny and may conjure up images of unicorns and Katy Perry, but a lot of people hate it including me. It gets everywhere and in everything. HATE IT! This is where the idea for […]


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Sam Video: “I Saw Your Willy”

Leave it to those Brits. I guess they have to learn somehow. A British children’s charity has unveiled a new animated video that aims to educate kids about the dangers of sending sexts. It’s called […]


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Sam’s Blog: Good Reads For January

Books, yes real books with paper pages are making a comeback. I love to read, but ever since that 5 ½ foot boa constrictor slithered out of a toilet in the Gaslamp I’m rethinking reading […]


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Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Sure you can toss it to the curb like so many do and have it windup in a landfill, but we all know that landfills were meant for important things, like plastic grocery bags and […]


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Sam Video: Jingle Bells Like You’ve NEVER Heard Or Seen

You don’t have to speak German to appreciate this. It took a team of cashiers, 13 different hidden cameras, and a whole lot Christmas spirit to pull off this epic holiday surprise! Edeka, Germany’s largest […]



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