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Sam’s Blog: 10 Childhood Traits We Should Keep Forever

I saw a great article by Alyssa Samson that really resonated. She’s an insightful columnist with a sly sense of humor. I love what she has to say. Enjoy what follows: Curiosity While I do [...]


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Sam’s Top Picks For San Diego Weekend Fun

Another weekend is upon us. Lots to do and a ton of fun to be had. Paul McCartney is in town, we have a rodeo in Poway, a street fair in Normal Heights and more. [...]


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Sam’s Blog: 5 Qualities That Make Him A Keeper

According to Elite Daily, if that guy you’ve started dating has these 5 qualities, KEEP HIM! #1) He’s strong but not a pushover. #2) When he looks at you he really looks at you! Eye [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Tonight I Make My Movie Debut

OK, it’s a small roll but still, I’m in it. The movie is called  Blacklisted and earlier today I visited with Luis Martinez, the director. Blacklisted is a movie about revenge and redemption. It’s got [...]


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Sam’s Blog: iOS8 Helps Us Find Our Lost iPhone

Here’s a nightmare. You’re iPhone’s battery is just about dead and the phone falls out of your purse or pocket. It’s gone. But all is not lost if you’ve updated to iOS8. Here’s what to [...]


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Sam’s Blog: New Instagram Trend: Shaming Idiots On Airplanes

I always get stuck next to obnoxious passengers. On a recent flight to Orlando the woman next to me took off her shoes (ewwwww) and started painting her toenails. It would have been one thing [...]


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Sam’s Blog: It’s Not Mystery Meat Anymore!

Wow, here’s what San Diego middle school kids get to eat for lunch tomorrow. All-American Cheeseburger Chicken Caesar Salad w/Dinner Roll Tofu Caesar Salad w/Dinner Roll Baja Hummus and Veggie Plate Southwest Tortilla Soup w/Tortilla [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Top Foods and Beverages That Kill Bedroom Fun

If Food and Sex were on Facebook, their relationship status would be “It’s Complicated”. I was totally shocked to find out what might be sabotaging a great night of boudoir fun. Let’s start out with [...]


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Sam’s Blog: Cool Zones In San Diego County

Is that the sound of an exploding thermometer I hear, or heat records being shattered? We are in for some beastly temperatures and humidity. Highs in the valleys will be in the 100s Saturday through Tuesday. [...]


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Sam’s Picks For This Weekend’s Fun

It’s going to be HOT, but there’s a ton of cool things to do this weekend. Here a few of my picks: Heart and Stroke Walk: Tomorrow morning, nice and early before it gets too [...]



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