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Sam’s Picks For This Weekend’s #SDFun

Hard to believe this is the last weekend of July. Let’s get out and enjoy it. There’s lots to do. Here are my picks for a great San Diego County weekend. Island Vibe Music Festival: […]


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Sam’s Blog: CAMELS In Ramona?

Who knew we had camels in Ramona? Well, why not, we have an ostrich ranch in Ramona. I just found out thanks to ABC 10 News that this weekend starting Friday (July 31st) the first […]


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Sam’s Blog: 9 Reasons A Dog Beats A Boyfriend

I’m not saying I agree that dogs are better than boyfriends but think about it for a minute. Dogs are awesome listeners, they don’t hog the covers and here’s the deal breaker; unlike the boyfriend […]


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Sam’s Blog: Here’s Your Chance To Be Insulted By The Donald

It’s not everybody who gets insulted by Donald, because not everybody is Rick Perry, Hillary, Marc Cuban and a host of others. But thanks to this “Trump Insult Generator” you can have Donald talk trash […]


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19 Ways To Spot A Fake Mexican Restaurant

Whenever I have friends or relatives in town from parts of the country not known for Mexican food I like to take them to authentic restaurants. One of my rules of thumb: if it smells […]


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Sam’s Blog: Coke Can Do THAT?!

When I was going to college in Boston I had a job at the Coca Cola bottling plant/warehouse. I wore work boots that were 3 years old. They were rugged as heck. After 2 months […]


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Sam’s Blog: Great Food + Great Beer = Sycuan Casino!

We’re zooming in on a 3 day Memorial Weekend. Sycuan Casino would be a great place to kick back and enjoy the dining experience of a lifetime. For beer and food lovers, this Sunday, May […]


Soldiers Who Salsa

Sam’s Blog: Meet Soldiers Who Salsa

That’s a very powerful image. That image illustrates the healing power of salsa therapy for our wounded warriors. I’ve seen the results with my own eyes. This Saturday you can see the results too. You’ll meet […]


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Sam’s Blog: Cancer Doesn’t Sleep

As a cancer survivor I can vouch for that headline. Cancer also doesn’t take time off for vacation or call in sick. It works round the clock to destroy lives and families. That’s why a […]


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Sam’ Blog: This Saturday Let’s Walk For Animals

Please join KyXy this Saturday, May 9th for the 21st Annual Walk for Animals: Paws in the Park, San Diego, a 2-mile walk at NTC Park at Liberty Station. Walk for Animals: Paws in the […]