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Does Nicki Minaj Have Butt Implants?! You Decide!

Nicki Minaj is known for a lot of things: being obscenely provocative, rapping extremely fast and having one of the biggest behinds in the biz. A picture snapped during her Fashion Rocks performance shows that […]


Photo courtesy of the SD Humane Society

(INTERVIEW) SD Humane Society w/ Concerning San Diego!

All of this is made possible by Joe Adamo and Nicholas Adamo. Joe is a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor and Nicholas is your Farmers Insurance Agent. If you have any questions about owning a certain breed of […]


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock!

Gotta See This! Dolly Parton Does The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Even if you’re totally over all the ice bucket challenges, you HAVE to watch Dolly Parton because she’s Dolly Parton and everything she does is entertaining. Watch and enjoy below! If you don’t know what the Ice […]



Cool Behind The Scenes Photos Of Jason Mraz At The Mayor’s Office!

Check out these cool behind the scenes photos of Jason Mraz at the mayor’s office on Tuesday August 19th.  The mayor surprised Jason Mraz with a proclamation that on Tuesday August 19th, it would be […]



Laura Demonstrating Her “3-Way!”

Here’s Laura demonstrating her 3-way Poncho. Her 10 year old shot the video and styled her hair. Haha. Here is the goofy informertial:


Photo courtesy CBS San Diego

Pictures from The Motley Crue Concert!

Jerry, Laura, Tommy and Emily went to the Motley Crue concert for their final tour ever! Jer had mixed reactions about the concert although he is a long time fan, but Emily, Laura and Tommy […]



Little Sadie, Devastated Finding Out Her Little Brother Won’t Stay A Baby!

There’s video of a five-year-old named Sadie on YouTube, and her parents started recording after she found out her baby brother won’t STAY a baby, and she was DEVASTATED. Apparently they also explained DEATH to […]



Randy At Comic-Con!

It’s Randy’s favorite time of year! Here are a few cool pictures he took!



Little Tommy At Comic-Con!

San Diego is THE PLACE to be! Cotumes, Super heros, villians, monsters, babes and more! CLICK HERE to see all the pictures!


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Have I Got A Movie For You?!

We do this from time to time. We took calls from all you about movies we should see that we maybe don’t know about. Print this list out and get watching! :) -Particle Fever (Jerry’s […]



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