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Man Breaks up Street Fight with Wise Words #Inspirational

Here’s something to think about. 


The Daily Dirt with Laura Cain

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey was found, Trump sinks down several hundred spots on the ranking of world’s billionaires and more!


The Daily Dirt with Laura Cain

The Kardashians, Sesame Street, Miley Cyrus and Shaquille O’Neal thinks the world is FLAT!


Movie Mom: ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Movie Mom admits she had her doubts about the live-action film.


The Daily Dirt with Laura Cain

Today, Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are fighting the leak of some personal, nude photos.


Have You Heard Laura’s Irish Accent?

It’s some kind of cross between Mary Poppins and Lucky Charms.


The Daily Dirt with Laura Cain

Jesse James says he was stupid for marrying Sandra Bullock and here’s what happened with Rachel Maddow and Trump’s tax returns last night.


The Daily Dirt with Laura Cain

Today we took on The Bachelor finale, which was totally insane.


Laura’s Diary: Surprise Times Two!!!

The first surprise happened Saturday afternoon…


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