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Zac Efron, Jimmy Kimmel

Susan D’s Blog: Did Madonna and Zac Efron Hook Up?

Jimmy Kimmel (and the rest of us) want to know!


Susan D’s Blog: Calling All Little Monsters, Lady Gaga Needs You!

Lady Gaga is inviting fans to be a part of her new movie, “A Star is Born.”


Sue’s Blog: Clear Coffee? Yes, Please!

Two brothers in England just invented CLR CFF, which clears out the color to protect your teeth.


Casting Call: New Jamie Foxx Music Trivia Show Looking for Players

The Jackpot is $1 Million!


Susan’s Blog: Trump v. Kittens

A 17-year old girl named Lucy created a website where sweet little kittens try to punch Trump…but Trump in real life hits back HARD


Susan’s Blog: Race for Autism is Saturday and I’m Hosting!

We’re looking for superheroes!!


Susan’s Blog: Who Else is Guilty of Saying These Things After 30?

OK, I’ll admit to being guilty of 9B – “def” – but in texts ONLY.


VIDEO: Susan D’s Thirsty Thursday with the Chippendales

(A Special Edition of Man Crush Monday)


Susan D’s Man Crush Monday: Gotta Love A Well (Un)Dressed Man

The Monday after Super Bowl can be tough, and unfortunately it’s not a national holiday. So if you’re dragging, let today’s Man Crush Monday men perk you up! Remember it also means I’m handing out another four-pack […]


Susan D’s Man Crush Monday: Wet Men!

The rain may be gone and the sun is back, but the really good news is that our drought is over. So, let’s celebrate Man Crush Monday by highlighting men who like to hydrate – Let […]


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