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Tommy’s Blog: My Speech From Finish Chelsea’s Run 2017

I just wanted to share with you the speech that I gave on Saturday morning to all the runners before the start of Finish Chelsea’s Run 2017.


Point Loma Credit Union’s Keep It Local with Little Tommy

Tune in to KyXy 96.5 each Thursday morning to hear the Top Events of the Week with Little Tommy, brought to you by Point Loma Credit Union.


How Chelsea King and Amber Dubois Changed My Life

I GIVE, because I want to remember Chelsea and Amber together. They taught me how to live my life.


Tommy’s Blog: Look Up, We Aren’t Paying Attention

Well, 24 hours later, the accounting firm that was responsible for the Oscar envelopes apologized and said the guy with the envelopes was TWEETING.


Little Tommy’s Blog: Looking at Photos Before Medifast

I’m on a morning radio show and people used to joke about my weight on the air. It hurt, but at the time, I would laugh along with them.


VIDEO: Little Tommy Tells His Story at Counselor Leadership Conference

Thank you to all the counselors out there and all the work that you do!


Little Tommy Shares the Gift of Music with Ryan – Holiday of Miracles.

Holiday of Miracles 2016 was full of amazing moments. This is one of them.


Tommy’s Blog: December is One Big Party

Little Tommy’s Medifast blog


WATCH: Tommy Sablan’s Induction Into National Radio Hall of Fame

We dare you to get through Tommy’s acceptance speech without crying (he couldn’t lol.) We love you, Tommy.


Medifast Blog -How Little Tommy Survives Thanksgiving

This post is sponsored by Medifast


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