Emily's Blog: Our 'Yachting' Vessel, Topless Robert, and A List of DatesThank goodness for the long weekend.
U.S. Marine Shares Tea Party Photo Shoot with DaughterKevin Porter and his 4-year old daughter live in Oceanside.
Emily's Blog: Trying To Eat Healthier In The New Year (and lose a few lbs)? Yea, Me Too!A Recipe For Ya. Also, calling all moms, I need help!
Sherry's Blog: The First Christmas My girls knew Santa Wasn't RealI have to be honest, I started to cry.
Liv Tyler Welcomes Baby GirlOur favorite 90's chick, Liv Tyler welcomed her first daughter, Lula Rose Gardner, this weekend!
Emily's Blog: My Weekend and I'm Feeling Nervous!
Princesses Suprise 5-Year-Old Girl on her Adoption Day
KyXy Fireworks Locations 2016!San Diego's ONLY 4th of July Fireworks synchronized to music.
Woman Catches Boy Hugging Her Dog on Surveillance CameraGet ready to have your heart stolen by this little trespasser. 
Emily's Thanksgiving Break: Zoo, Lights, Onesies and Robert Sneeking Behind The Guy On The News
Laura's Diary: I'm Thankful For...A Lot
Sam Blog: Many To Be Thankful For

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