Parents: Kids Are Trying the 'Hot Water Challenge' With Deadly ResultsThe online challenge, challenges kids to pour boiling water on each other.
3 Year Old Boy Can Name All The Players On The Padres Roster!This is too cute.
SUMMER FUN! The 50 Movies Your Kids Should See Before They Turn 11!
Man Breaks up Street Fight with Wise Words #InspirationalHere's something to think about. 
Joe's Blog: Breaking News Gone Wong - I'm Still Dying!This is why working from home with kids is hard!
Kids are free in October!!! Enjoy!October is the month for you to take the kids out and save
Boy needs help with math...calls 911. FUNNY!
Mom dresses triplets and a toddler - No problem!
Sam Video: “I Saw Your Willy”
Sam Video: My Doll Doesn’t Look Real!!!
Car Seat Inspections at Kohl's!
Sam Video: Watch Dad Make Fool Of Himself

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