[VIDEO] Port Huron Police Lip Sync the Backstreet Boys!Viral video alert!
Meet the Massachusetts Woman Who Won the PowerballMavis let her employer know, she won't be returning.
AJ's Debut as a Competitive Eating HostSunday I had the chance to try my hand as a "competitive eating play-by-play announcer."
Poway Unified School District's 'Back To School' Video Is Adorable!This is too cute! Great job Poway Unified!
Sinead O' Conner Cries, Pleads For Family To Come Get Her in Facebook Live Video Detailing Mental IllnessIn the video the singer confesses to suicidal thoughts and pleads with family to come get her. Updated Facebook posts say Sinead O' Conner is now safe and receiving care.
Tinder Couple Meet On 'Good Morning America' Three Years After Matching!There is no more "millennial" love story than this!
Dad's Video PleaTo Take Daughter To Disney World Is AdorableThis "Poor People's Rollercoaster" Made our hearts melt! What a great dad!
3 Year Old Boy Can Name All The Players On The Padres Roster!This is too cute.
Kelly Clarkson Assists in Marriage ProposalKelly Clarkson was the ultimate wing woman this week
VIDEO: 12-Foot Alligator Cruises South Carolina Golf CourseThey say that birds are the last dinosaurs but looking at this scaly beast, we have our doubts.
Susan D's Blog: Did Madonna and Zac Efron Hook Up?Jimmy Kimmel (and the rest of us) want to know!
Jessica Simpson's Weird Ellen Interview is Worth WatchingJessica struggles to count to seven, the number of years she and her husband have been together, and alludes to a long term relationship with a woman.

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